Technical Relationship Management (TRM)

Get a designated, highly trained single point of contact who is intimately familiar with your Citrix infrastructure and will proactively manage your account to optimize your Citrix deployment, as well as help troubleshoot and resolve complex issues quickly. Services include:

Proactive technical advice

Frequent formal and informal technical exchanges between you and your Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) ensure constant, open communication. You will be informed about hotfixes, known issues and upcoming releases that pertain to your specific environment.

Dedicated advocate

Your TRM acts as your advocate within Citrix, ensuring that the correct priorities are given to any technical case and relaying your experiences with Citrix products and deployments to product management and development teams. The TRM can also get you access to product betas, extending your test window and offering you the ability to influence feature development.

The TRM service may be purchased with any software or appliance maintenance agreement. Packages begin with 200 hours of service and an unlimited number of incidents in one region. 

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Detailed Features

  Support services
without a TRM
Support services
with a TRM
Phone, Web and email support
Quarterly technical webinars
Access to technical training event
Technical newsletter
Designated support engineer  
Priority access to Escalation Team  
Access to managed betas and early software releases  
Written account plan  
Deployment audit for best practices  

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Technical Relationship Manager Fact Sheet
Learn about the benefits, technical relationship and priorities that a TRM will provide for your business.

Technical Relationship Manager Terms
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