Modernize the digital banking experience

Centralized apps and data allow anytime, anywhere access, boosting the productivity of mobile, remote and branch employees while reducing IT costs and complexity.

Improve IT efficiency, manageability and cost control

The centralization of IT makes it possible to streamline and reduce the cost of operations, management and maintenance while increasing flexibility in resource utilization. Desktops and apps can be updated immediately. Users, lines of business, facilities, and new and traditional channels including Web, mobile, call centers, remote and branch offices, can be integrated more rapidly in support of digital banking. In the event of a disruption, the same solution that supports the organization during routine operations can ensure business continuity.

Increase business agility and flexibility

New or temporary employees can use any available device to access role-relevant apps, desktops and data in the centralized datacenter without the need for IT to image or physically deliver a new laptop. With low-cost, high performance networking included as part of the solution, remote and branch offices can be set up faster. This helps IT adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changes in the workforce resulting from M&A, seasonal peaks and other changing business requirements.  

Our developers have been able to automate a number of routine tasks. They've reinvested that time in more challenging, engaging projects that help drive innovation across the company.
Calvin Nghe
AVP, Application & Server Virtualization
Nationstar Mortgage

Boost employee productivity and customer service

Brokers, tellers, advisors, call center staff and other employees can work anywhere using any endpoint on almost any operating platform with Citrix solutions. With an optimized network powered by Citrix, users can expect a superior, high-definition experience on any device even over challenging, high-latency networks often encountered in the financial services industry. When employees can be responsive to customer needs regardless of where they are, they can fulfill the promise of digital banking by building better relationships and offering better service.

Maintain security, compliance and business continuity

By keeping data secure in the datacenter, not on endpoints, IT can maintain comprehensive and consistent control over business-critical information, protect valuable intellectual property and comply with regulatory mandates in the financial services industry. Centralized, granular application- and data level access controls can be set based on identity, location, device-specific features and device-specific configurations. App centralization, coupled with automatic failover capabilities, helps maintain business continuity and productivity by ensuring that employees can access business apps regardless of interruptions in each datacenter.

Download the financial services mobility kit

Download this kit to learn how Citrix customers leverage mobility to drive changes in the way they serve their customers, and the business and technology best practices for financial services IT to support this business initiative.

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