Redesign learning spaces

As schools redesign lab, library and other learning spaces to be more flexible and collaborative, IT needs innovative ways to deliver apps and data to students.

Create collaborative learning spaces

Attract and retain top students and faculty by redesigning classrooms to make more engaging, collaborative, and flexible learning spaces.  Designed with mobility in mind, virtual applications and desktops provide a better way to deliver IT resources to students in these spaces or ahead of time in a flipped classroom learning environment.

Build virtual labs

Students no longer have to depend on an open lab seat to gain access to important apps required for class. Flexible learning spaces use application virtualization to deliver all apps—even heavy, 3D and graphically intensive apps—to lower cost thin clients or personal devices.

Enable computer-based assessments

Deliver testing through a virtual desktop to make better use of hardware resources. Instead of IT locking down or taking PC’s out of circulation to install testing software, students can change from one session to the next seamlessly. Separate rooms or devices no longer need to be individually dedicated to teaching, learning or testing.

In everything we do, our Citrix platform helps us work and share information more quickly and easily.
Alan Watson
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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