Enable mobile teaching and learning

Provide the same user experience and applications for on-campus, off-campus and distance learning students with mobile education technology.

Provide a secure mobile workspace

A secure mobile workspace is a personalized environment that students, faculty and staff can take with them as they roam across devices, locations and networks. Combine learning and productivity apps, desktops, files and cloud services into a single mobile teaching and learning workspace that can be tailored to a student’s major or faculty’s department. 

With this technology, instructors are able to provide the same experience for students who are thousands of miles from campus. As a result, they can focus more on instruction and less on the logistics of making applications and assignments accessible to students beyond the confines of the classroom or campus.
Didier Contis
Director of Technology Services
Georgia Tech College of Engineering

Enable BYOD with mobile education technology

Instead of issuing devices to students, or asking them to buy a specific device, provide students with access to necessary Windows applications from any device.  Reduce costs and help students succeed with flexible mobile technology that allows them to use the devices they are comfortable with for both education and personal use.

Manage mobile education apps

Students and staff can securely access mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps and data on any mobile device using single sign-on mobile education technology. Working with educators and parents, IT can ensure that mobile technology in the classroom is being used to support improved education outcomes

Download the mobile-ready campus kit

Is your campus mobile-ready? Download this kit to learn about the technologies and best practices that leading educational institutions have followed to improve student outcomes.

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