XenMobile end-user adoption resource guide

This guide is designed to provide IT with the necessary assets and resources to educate end users on the benefits of enterprise mobility management (EMM), and to improve acceptance and adoption of XenMobile apps.

What is Citrix XenMobile? How can it enable BYOD?

What is Citrix XenMobile?

XenMobile delivers complete enterprise mobility management mobile device management, mobile application management and enterprise-grade productivity apps—in one comprehensive solution. XenMobile enhances the user experience on BYO or corporate devices without compromising security.

Introduction to XenMobile

It’s important for end users to understand what’s happening on their device, from personal privacy considerations to maintaining a quality user experience. The following documentation is designed to help end users understand how XenMobile apps can help them be more productive with access to business-class features typically found only on desktop apps.

Getting started with XenMobile

Now that the end user understands the “why” behind XenMobile and EMM, let’s help them get started with XenMobile apps. The following resources are targeted towards new XenMobile app users. The Secure Hub video will familiarize users with the enrollment process, while the posters can be placed around the office to foster awareness and enthusiasm.

End-user enrollment experience

These videos are designed to show the end-user enrollment experience and what they can expect when using Secure Hub for the first time. You can customize these videos by adding a personalized voice-over that speaks directly to your end-users.

XenMobile productivity apps training

Once users have chosen XenMobile and enrolled their devices, let’s provide them with the tools they need to understand the applications and their key features. The following resources include Quick Reference Guides and video tutorials designed to help bring the end user up to speed as quickly as possible.