Citrix Workspace vs. the competition

You want to give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while strengthening security, cutting IT costs and meeting your business needs. Only Citrix Workspace—a market-leading digital workspace that integrates award-winning Citrix technologies—offers a single solution that enables IT to deliver secure access to apps, desktops and data from any device.

User experience and productivity

Citrix HDX vs. VMware BEAT: Compare spreadsheet experience

A digital workspace is all about ensuring a quality user experience, regardless of device, network, or location. If employees cannot easily access the apps and data they need, it can create many problems—not only will productivity and satisfaction suffer, but users will likely go around IT to get things done. Citrix has always focused on providing a great user experience and offers a variety of unique, user-centric capabilities.

All a user needs is a work email address to get started. From there, Citrix Workspace automatically configures the infrastructure to best fit the user’s needs. This includes discovering the best network path to corporate resources—even if the user keeps moving between internal and external networks, app sync at startup, and endpoint detection. Citrix Workspace will even make sure Windows is being switched between tablet and desktop mode as needed.

With Citrix Workspace, any application will perform well, regardless of network connection. Users can work from wherever they want and enjoy a fast, high definition experience thanks to our industry-leading HDX technology. Employees also need to collaborate with peers and partners. A digital workspace supports modern unified communication (UC) solutions, such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber or Avaya One-X. Citrix Workspace provides industry-leading support for UC and more than 450,000 users leverage our Skype for Business optimization on a daily basis. Other vendors cannot support these solutions at all, or struggle to find a single large-scale reference customer.

Exchanging files is at the core of how things are done in most organizations today. Sending documents internally and externally for approvals and signatures are common when managing contracts, onboarding employees, approving work orders, doing performance reviews, and many other typical business tasks. Citrix Workspace includes content collaboration to allow you to solicit feedback, request approvals and even get e-signatures. With Citrix Workspace, users can effortlessly track feedback and approvals in real time so they know where things stand. Other vendors cannot access collaboration within a virtual environment.

Although a virtual desktop can provide users with almost everything they need to get work done there are times when access to locally-connected applications or peripheral devices is crucial. Citrix Workspace uniquely provides users with the ability to access almost every app or locally-attached peripheral device in an optimized way, no matter the endpoint connection. Citrix Workspace also provides the most feature-rich, built-in driverless printing solution, allowing users to easily connect to and use the printer of their choice.

Citrix Workspace is one of the few solutions that gives users the choice of where to store files, allowing choosing the option that best meets their needs, including any cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT infrastructures. Citrix Workspace serves as a “single pane of glass” for multiple storage repositories, and delivers value for content stored within network shares, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and personal clouds, extending connectivity to digital sharing and collaboration tools for mobile users.

 HDX local app access (4:00)

Citrix Workspace was the only end to end solution. VMware, AirWatch and F5 had too many partnerships and moving pieces.
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Context-aware security

SmartAccess in action: Location-based app access

Security is central to almost all organizations and businesses today. Whether it is ensuring that customer data and IP is kept safe or needing to meet relevant regulations or comply with specific legal constraints, Citrix Workspace can meet even the most stringent security requirements.  

Only Citrix Workspace provides the ability to understand the context of the user and apply policies accordingly. This allows IT to be proactive when restricting user access by determining key characteristics of the user device. For example, if a user connects from a trusted device with an encrypted hard disk, they can access, share, and upload data. . If the same user connects from a personal, unmanaged device, data access is blocked Additionally, applications with sensitive content can be configured to only be accessed from a specific location.

Citrix Workspace, in partnership with Bitdefender, provides an industry-first approach to detecting and remediating malware. Most solutions in the market are based on detecting malware signatures. This means someone has previously seen and analyzed the malware, added the signature to their database, and updated the local AV solution. This process is time-intensive, leaving you without protection against zero-day attacks. In contrast, Citrix Workspace detects attack patterns—this means that application behavior is analyzed. If an anomaly that correlates with a typical malware attack technique is detected, the process stops and the organization’s security response team receives an in-depth analysis. This effectively blocks unknown malware and zero-day attacks.

 Citrix and Bitdefender hypervisor introspection demo (3:34)

Many organizations, especially in highly-regulated industries, need to keep track of what their users are doing. Citrix Workspace enables admins to automatically record user sessions, allowing complete visibility into past activities. Citrix Workspace also prevents the loss of intellectual property by providing the ability to watermark a user session. This means, even in case a user takes a photo of the desktop with a camera, it is easy to track when the photo was taken and who did it.

Simple and unified management

Citrix Workspace demo

Efficient and flexible management is imperative for IT, especially in a virtual app and desktop context. Without it, organizations run the risk of simply moving desktop and app management challenges from the branch office into the datacenter when adopting VDI. Citrix Workspace is designed with management efficiency in mind and offers a variety of unique management capabilities.

Only Citrix provides a unified management experience for on-premises, cloud and hybrid virtual app and desktop environments. In contrast to our competition, who struggle with hybrid scenarios, Citrix Workspace allows for any scenario—you can start in the cloud and add on-premises resources later or start local and expand to the cloud whenever needed. This unified management experience spans all aspects of the modern digital workspace, ranging from apps and data, to devices, to configuring the network—all from within a single control plane. Citrix Workspace is the only vendor in the market with this comprehensive of a solution.

Citrix allows you to choose your infrastructure or platform, unlike many of our competitors who lock you in to proprietary infrastructure. Citrix Workspace is platform agnostic, which means you can choose the most cost effective and appropriate infrastructure for your business. Choose your hypervisor (vSphere, XenServer, Hyper-V or Nutanix Acropolis) and select the hardware vendor and model that best fits your needs, or the public cloud you prefer (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle).

Today most organization use industry standard Microsoft solutions to package and manage applications—tools like Microsoft SCOM or OMS, Microsoft SCCM, and Microsoft App-V. Unlike other vendors, who demand the use of proprietary packaging and management tools, Citrix integrates deeply with the existing industry standard tools and processes, which ensures a high operational efficiency. In addition, Citrix uniquely provides Smart Tools, a free toolset for optimizing VDI operations. Smart Tools proactively checks the Citrix infrastructure for current issues, best practice violations and missing security fixes and provides appropriate recommendations.

 Detailed monitoring and faster troubleshooting (3:08)

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