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Improve user experience with the most available and fastest traffic management system

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management is the world’s most available and fastest traffic management system, and is based on recently-acquired Cedexis technology. Our advanced traffic management improves user experience by harnessing big data and routing users to their requested content better than any comparable service.

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With billions of Real User Measurements (RUM) a day, from every corner of the Internet, Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management dynamically shapes traffic across multiple clouds, CDNs and application deployments to optimize user experience and service costs. With a thorough understanding of internet health based on empirical measurements, you can direct user requests to the most suited source of content.

  • Leverage predictive DNS, the fastest authoritative DNS worldwide, to direct users to your cloud resources.
  • Allow automatic failover to alternative content servers, CDNs or clouds when there is an operational or technical failure, or a catastrophic event.
  • Route requests to the best-performing infrastructure for each individual user, providing the best experience.
  • Control costs by routing traffic to the most economical resources when performance is not impacted.

Explore some of the key use cases for Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

Additional use cases  

Real-time and cost-effective large file delivery can be difficult. It can stress out both the last mile and your customers. By using Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management to manage the delivery of your software downloads or large files, you can ensure the best possible delivery while keeping costs in check. Citrix can improve large file downloads and increases cost-effectiveness at the same time. User-optimized content downloads help you avoid bursting and minimize additional fees. By knowing which Content Delivery Network (CDN) has the best throughput, an enterprise can ensure that the delivery to the end user is 100% optimized.  

Content delivery partners have differing strengths and weaknesses, based on any number of factors: geography coverage, architectures, cost and usage models, etc. Because of this, uptime and latency can vary greatly at any moment. Deciding which delivery network, cloud, or datacenter is the best for your unique needs, user by user, is critical. On a global scale, that’s a lot of decision-making. Citrix cost-effectively delivers the best user experience, automating the process and enabling dynamic web content delivery decisions.

Delivery over a multiple CDN architecture is a best practice for modern Ops teams. Ensuring uptime and multiple delivery contingencies gives teams peace of mind and the ability to reduce the adverse effects of vendor lock-in. When you’re able to load balance your application, video, and website content delivery across multiple CDNs, you can ensure your end users are shielded from service degradations and outages. The Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management software-defined delivery logic makes real-time decisions on which CDNs to use, based on real-user community data, application monitoring, and any other parameter set that is important to your business.

Cloud migration can be risky—it’s not as simple as building all the content in a new place and flipping a switch. Applications must be delivered effectively before, during, and after migration and must be constantly available. With Citrix Intelligent Delivery Management, you are in control of deciding how your content is delivered. The simple interface is easily programmed to direct users to content by rules you define. You are not bound by the limited rules offered by traditional global server load balancing vendors. Your services can also be migrated at the speed you want.

It is prudent to move services one at a time, test them and agree it works—Citrix allows you to do this. By building the service in the cloud and dialing up the number of users who access it in each place, it is possible to assess if the service is working before opening it fully. Because you can fail back immediately if something doesn't work, risk of lost users is reduced and the overall user experience is enhanced.

Real user monitoring data drives all aspects of Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

Citrix collects information from across more than 50,000 networks daily.

Over 130 Clouds, CDNs and Datacenters are measured daily.

Hundreds of millions of clients generate over 14 billion RUM data points every day.

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