Citrix Endpoint Management delivers added security and productivity

Citrix Endpoint Management enhances user experience, security, and extends the value-add to Microsoft, continuing to augment enterprise mobility management within a digital workspace.

Multiple Exchange accounts for iOS

Monitor emails, alerts and calendars from multiple exchange accounts on a single app. Add additional exchange email accounts to Secure Mail and easily switch between your emails, calendars and contacts.

Swipe for faster email navigation

Improve usability and facilitate email management on Secure Mail with new swipe gestures. Swiping an email left or right opens options to flag, delete or mark an email. A long swipe right marks an email as read or unread.

Long swipe right to mark as read/unread

Read  Unread

Unread  Read

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Improved user experience

Manage both business and personal calendars from a unified calendar with Secure Mail personal calendar overlay enhancements. Secure Mail notifies users if a calendar event conflicts with events in their native calendar. From Secure Mail, users will be able to see who an event is from on their personal calendar and see the invitee count.

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Derived credentials

Increase confidence in mobile device communications security with derived credentials. Citrix Endpoint Management compatibility with Intercede enables end users to use derived credentials for iOS device enrollment.

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Windows Information Protection

Encrypt corporate data and protect against potential data leakage on Windows 10 devices with Windows Information Protection (WIP). Create a device policy in the Citrix Endpoint Management console to specify the apps that require WIP at the enforcement level you set for added security:

  1. Block inappropriate data sharing
  2. Warn about inappropriate data sharing and allow users to override the policy
  3. Run WIP silently while logging and permitting inappropriate data sharing
  4. Turn off

Secure and manage Office 365 on mobile devices

Eliminate the need for additional credentials

Citrix Endpoint Management integration with Azure Active Directory as Identity Provider eliminates the need for an additional set of credentials and facilitates enrollment. Configure Azure as IDP and users can enroll in Citrix Endpoint Management using their Azure credentials.

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Extending Win 10 capabilities with unified endpoint management

Manage Windows 10 devices including phones, desktops and tablets. The locate feature, currently available on Android and iOS, has been extended to include Win 10 devices. Citrix Endpoint Management console administrators and Self Help Portal users can now locate Windows 10 phones, desktops, and tablets.

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