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XenMobile Service

Simplify unified endpoint management, secure company information, and increase user productivity.

XenMobile Service demo

Unified endpoint management for a secure digital workspace  

XenMobile Service provides unified endpoint management (UEM) for the Citrix secure digital workspace. XenMobile Service allows IT administrators to focus on defining policies, managing compliance, and increasing user productivity by significantly simplifying the management of a UEM infrastructure. Start managing devices, apps and data for secure digital workplaces in as little as two hours.

Key benefits of XenMobile Service

Get a unified endpoint management solution up and running in as little as two hours

Increase user productivity while reducing support calls due to always-up-to-date access to new features and bug fixes

Reduce security risks and vulnerabilities with Citrix handling server updates and monitoring

With less downtime, enable your on-the-go workforce to remain connected to their apps and data on any devices from any location

Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services to provide complete secure digital workspaces

XenMobile Service gives you:

  • Automated onboarding for faster time to value
  • Simplified user assignment/subscription
  • Easy access to additional workspace services through a single pane of glass
  • Quickly create pilot environments for reduced production cycles
  • Maximize uptime by outsourcing of your EMM infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment without complex infrastructure configurations such as VPNs and IPsec Tunnels

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