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Understanding Citrix Cloud pricing

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Citrix Cloud is the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to deliver secure desktops, apps, and data, leveraging simple cloud-based management. Purchasing decisions are similarly simplified with an understanding the pricing approach and value components included within the platform.

Subscription pricing

Citrix Cloud subscription packages are sold in convenient per-seat 1- 2- and 3-year terms. Each package is a convenient bundle of component services that meet the needs of the most popular customer use cases.

Each annual-termed subscription enables customers to purchase exactly what is needed for the term, enabling IT to shift from a capital expense model to an operating expense model. This simplifies annual accounting while reducing up-front risk of over- or under-purchasing – typically confronted when purchasing using perpetual license terms. To further reduce risk, Citrix Cloud customers can even sample the Citrix Cloud experience with a full- function, nocost Trial prior to purchase.

Benefits of the Citrix Cloud subscription

Citrix operates the Cloud for you: The Citrix Cloud management functions are provided by Citrix, and are an always-on SaaS-style cloud service. That means that Citrix management infrastructure, scaling, monitoring, and delivery technology is always maintained and kept up-to-date – relieving your need to monitor, scale and/or manage updates of the Citrix software.

All-inclusive: Citrix provides all of the ‘hidden’ infrastructure such as database and brokering infrastructure, as well as the cloud connector software agent. Citrix Cloud subscription packages include everything from Citrix you need to get going. Just bring your data center, public cloud or private cloud.

Fewer servers to buy: Because Citrix operates the management components of each service, you have less infrastructure to buy or if you are deploying into a cloud, you have less IaaS to consume. For example, with application and desktop services, Citrix operates the services for delivery controllers, SQL database server, studio, director, and the licensing server. Even though you still operate VDA servers, there is less fixed infrastructure, installation and operational costs you’ll incur.

Transparent upgrades: Upgrades to the Citrix Cloud management plane, as well as upgrades to individual services, are all automatic. This added value allows customers to take advantage of the latest Citrix technology as soon as it’s available, and avoid the operational overhead of manual upgrades.

Citrix integrates: Integration between individual services is automatic and provided as part of the Citrix Cloud management plane. That means customers no longer need to spend time hand-crafting service interactions.

Inherent multi-site management: For deployments with 2 or more geographic locations, Citrix Cloud eliminates the need for management infrastructure in each location, saving on hardware and labor.

Maintenance and support included: Software maintenance is included with Citrix Cloud; in addition, enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support is also included with each subscription package.

Connectivity included: All key connectivity features are included in each subscription package for example the ICA Proxy VPX, CloudBridge Connector, and Citrix Cloud Connector for resource location connectivity and monitoring.

Extra-value services Included

Don’t overlook that many subscription packages include the following extra-value services:

Storage included: 1GB of ShareFile storage, as well as storage zone connectors, are all included at no charge in the Integrated Apps and Data Suite.

Lifecycle Management service included: Deploy-level Lifecycle Management blueprint services are included at no charge in most desktop, application, and mobility packages.

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