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With the growing need to add flexibility and scalability to the data center, more organizations are leveraging the availability of cloud-based resources to manage infrastructure costs and capacity. But this transition can be time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive. And sticking with traditional, fixed-capacity solutions provides zero elasticity.

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Citrix ADC was built with a “software-first” philosophy, which allows it to seamlessly provide load balancing, security, and acceleration for applications across any form factor—physical or virtual. Citrix ADC TriScale technology gives you several options for handling on-demand network scalability that are within your reach and budget.

TriScale is the industry’s leading technology that truly lets you scale three ways—up for elasticity, out for capacity, and in for simplicity—all on demand and without additional hardware requirements, security compromises, or performance impacts.

  • Scale up your architecture for up to five times the network performance
  • Scale out your architecture to expand to well over 1Tbps
  • Scale in your architecture to consolidate up to 115 appliances into one

And whether you scale in, out, up, or a combination of the three, simplified licensing ensures that you can maximize your investment.

Traditional high-availability (HA) solutions require active/passive appliance pairs, where one appliance remains unused until there is a failure and traffic fails over to the second appliance. Clustering Citrix ADC appliances allows all appliances in the cluster to actively support workloads. In the event of a failure, the remaining nodes in the cluster automatically accept traffic that would have been routed to the failed node.

Citrix ADC capacity-on-demand scalability is more than convenient. This flexible, software-defined approach is also the most economical solution available—eliminating appliance sprawl and up-front costs for excess capacity add up to a dramatically reduced TCO.

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Citrix ADC

  • The most economical solution for on-demand network scalability
  • Features TriScale technology to scale architecture up, in, or out
  • Eliminates underutilized and over-provisioned resources
  • Dramatically reduces TCO

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