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As enterprises migrate to the cloud, new network traffic patterns emerge that traditional WAN architectures are not optimized to handle. Backhauling cloud traffic over long distances to a data center is costly and added latency can impact application performance, resulting in a poor user experience. To avoid the overhead of maintaining a security stack at each branch, a more cost-effective and simpler model is needed. You need an SD-WAN solution that will eliminate latency and traffic congestion with simplified management and intelligent policy-based routing.

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In order to meet security requirements with fewer appliances in the branch, you need data protection around the overlay network with encryption and an integrated multi-zone stateful firewall. With the built-in stateful firewall, Citrix SD-WAN can identify applications and apply polices to each virtual routing domain and limit which apps are available by zone. This branch firewall replaces the need for a separate edge firewall while enabling direct Internet breakout from your branches.

Since a lot of your traffic may be internet-bound, you’ll want to secure it without having to backhaul to your data center or maintain firewalls in your branches. Citrix SD-WAN can direct traffic to a next-gen firewall service, such as Palo Alto Networks or Zscaler. This centralized approach provides secure local breakout with advanced threat protection and a better user experience in the branch for critical SaaS apps. It also reduces the cost and complexity of deploying and managing security appliances in the branches.

Providing reliable and secure connectivity to SaaS applications closest to where users are located is a key requirement for IT organizations today. Citrix SD-WAN allows you to send trusted SaaS traffic over the local internet connections while sending all other traffic back to the data center. Citrix SD-WAN can identify and classify more than 4,000 applications for fast and secure access to the cloud directly from the branch over local broadband connections.

Citrix supports the Microsoft Office 365 network connectivity principles. Citrix SD-WAN provides reliable connections directly from branch locations to the nearest Office 365 front doors using the published Office 365 endpoint URLs and IP addresses. Citrix SD-WAN provides enterprises the ability to do local breakout of trusted, latency-sensitive Office 365 traffic for all their branches simultaneously.

For Office 365 customers who also use Microsoft Azure, Citrix SD-WAN can obtain Office 365 policy settings directly from Azure Virtual WAN via the Microsoft REST API. Customer preferences for Office 365 traffic categories are pushed to the SD-WAN appliances in the branches. Citrix SD-WAN leverages these policies to split the traffic locally, provide optimization and then egress to the nearest Office 365 front door.

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Citrix SD-WAN

  • Maintains connectivity even during multiple network failures
  • Eliminate latency and traffic congestion with simplified management and intelligent policy-based routing
  • Provides secure local breakout with advance threat protection