Business agility

Adapt network capacity to changes in the market or within your enterprise, for rapid and cost-efficient scalability.

Consolidate multiple remote access solutions

Simplify access infrastructure and accelerate app delivery to any device

Eliminate the need for supplemental remote access and infrastructure appliances with Citrix Gateway. The all-in-one solution provides greater network visibility and granular, application-level control management—so you can deliver more apps to more devices without creating more complexity.

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Consolidate data centers

Streamline infrastructure without compromising network scalability

Traditional data centers are struggling to support the higher workloads of the mobilized workplace. Citrix solutions meet modern network capacity demands through a consolidated infrastructure, without compromising scalability, performance, or security.

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Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery

Prevent planned or unplanned disruptions from impacting operations

Protecting your data center from disaster is key. Citrix Networking solutions ensure service and resource availability, a seamless user experience, undisrupted remote and branch access, and data replication.

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Grow network capacity on demand

Scale resources up or down to meet changing business needs

Transitioning to cloud-based resources is a smart way to meet growing network capacity demands, but it can be expensive. Citrix ADC provides the most agile and economical solution, with on-demand scalability and Pay As You Grow licensing to provide seamless capacity management even during unpredictable traffic surges or changing business needs.

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Provide network analytics for all mobile, web, desktop traffic

Identify and resolve capacity management issues with complete visibility

Monitoring and improving your network performance across the entire enterprise is business-critical. Insight Center, supported by Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN, is a powerful solution that provides complete visibility to your virtual desktops, web traffic, WAN conditions, and security threats, so you can resolve capacity management and performance concerns quickly and effectively.

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Build a microservices architecture with a DevOps-friendly ADC

Transform monolithic apps into containerized apps and move to a multi-cloud environment

Business agility requires an IT infrastructure that can respond to market changes quickly.  And your DevOps team needs the right tools and solutions to help make this happen. A cloud-native, DevOps-friendly ADC in a Docker container is the simplest way to get you started toward building a microservices architecture.

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