Security and compliance
Determine how sensitive files  are  stored, accessed, and shared—with security features that meet the needs of your industry

Meet business requirements for keeping corporate data safe  

With Citrix Content Collaboration, IT can define policies to allow the right level of secure access for each user, in any scenario. Users can be granted download-only access or full upload/edit/delete rights depending on their location, role, or device.

Encryption secures data both at rest and in transit, and device security features such as passcode lock, jailbreak detection, remote wipe, and data expiration protect data on mobile devices. Reporting and auditing controls support privacy mandates and regulatory compliance.

With ShareFile, our employees can securely share, store, and edit data any time—no matter where they are.
David Kreft
Head of System Management
Service Desk and Windows Development WAGO GmbH

Increase data protection with Restricted StorageZones

For increased data security and compliance, Citrix Content Collaboration offers Restricted StorageZones, which are private data areas for customer-managed StorageZones. Files and metadata in Restricted StorageZone are encrypted with the customer’s keys for zero-knowledge vendor visibility, plus secure document and file  sharing access is exclusive and limited to specified internal users who must pass a dual authentication process.


of surveyed financial clients chose Citrix Content Collaboration for better file security.

TVID: 2FC-F08-C93

Meet strict data compliance requirements, especially in regulated industries

Citrix Content Collaboration gives IT the control to track and log activity in real time and create custom reports to meet compliance requirements. This helps security, risk, and audit officers protect intellectual property, prevent data leakage, and facilitate compliance, especially in regulated industries like finance and healthcare.

For example, the Citrix Content Collaboration Cloud for Healthcare provides a secure enclave within a private cloud where you can upload, store, and share patient health information (PHI) to help you comply with strict HIPAA requirements.

Leverage existing DLP systems at no additional cost

Citrix Content Collaboration also integrates with popular data loss prevention (DLP) systems for customer-managed StorageZone deployments, to restrict document sharing based on the file’s DLP classification. Businesses, especially those in highly regulated industries, need to control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves. Connecting Citrix Content Collaboration with the customer’s existing DLP system allows Citrix Content Collaboration to classify files by their content and enforce sharing restrictions per company policy.